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1 A Oritron Electronics Corporation

RF / Microwave Coaxial Connectors Dummy Load Attenuator

1 A ORITRON ELECTRONICS CORPORATION (India) is one of the leading manufacturers of RF / Microwave Coaxial Connector in India. Our product range covers more than 1500 different types of Coaxial Connectors in the range of

BNC, TNC, N, UHF, SMA, SMB, DIN 7/16, HN, MHV, SHV, VHV, 1.6/5.6, Triaxial, Microdot type, LEMO, MCX, MMCX, ULF, BT43, F, FME Type etc.

Oritron also offer High Power Dummy Load from 0.5 Watt to 100 watt for 50 ohms application.

We also offer High Quality RF Attenuator from 5 to 30 db and 2 - 30 watt application.

Oritron Also offer High Quality & Low Loss Coaxial Cable for RF / Microwave Applications. Which includes RG 174, 316, 58, 59,

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  • Business Type : Manufacturing
  • Main Products : coaxial connector, rf, microwave, connector, dummy, load, attenuator, bnc, tnc, n, uhf, sma, shv, vhv, high voltage, adapters, surge arrestor
  • Year Established : 1972
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